10th Annual What A Character: Evening Edition

Hey night owls and West Coasters, Paula here to close out our 10th Annual What a Character! Blogathon! It always brings me so much joy to see so much love for the backbone of studio-era Hollywood, the supporting players.

As you may have seen in the announcement post, this tenth year comes with giveaways from Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and The University Press of Kentucky, both of which are providing film-related books to ten lucky participants. We will randomly pick the winners toward the end of the weekend. Winners will be notified on social media or by email.

And now, without further ado, this evening’s fabulous entries:

Jacqueline at Another Old Movie Blog writes that Lillian Randolph “is instantly relatable and somehow more genuine than the stars she supports.”

Toni at Watching Forever profiles a familiar face from the TV series “Gunsmoke” in “Beyond Festus: The Career of Dan Curtis.”

The Classic Movie Muse takes a deep dive into the life and work of Lucille La Verne, whose “bone-chilling” voice made her the first to have a speaking part in an animated feature-length film.

Lesley at Second Sight Cinema investigates the possibly unknowable nature of one of my favorite actors in “Jack Carson, International Man of Mystery.”

Chris at Blog of the Darned profiles the criminally underused Theresa Harris.

Lady Eve’s Reel Life looks into the villainous (and heroic) roles of another of my favorite actors, Conrad Veidt.

Kayla from Whimsically Classic details her favorite roles played by character actor Elisha Cook Jr.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s special 10th Anniversary ‘thon.

What A Character! “Crazy Russian” Leonid Kinskey


Just like everybody goes to Rick’s, everybody knows Leonid Kinskey, whether they know his name or not. Kinskey portrays Sascha, the voluble Russian bartender, in that classic of all classics, Casablanca (1943). We meet him quite early on, when Yvonne, Rick’s latest ex-girlfriend, has had a little too much to drink and needs to be escorted home. But as I learned, there’s more to Kinskey than Sascha. Not that I won’t bask in the glory that is Casablanca first…

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4th Annual WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon – Day 1 Posts

WE’RE BACK for number 4!

The WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon honors the players who rarely got leading parts, exhibiting instead a versatility and depth many leading actors wished they had. Aurora, Kellee, and I never tire of seeing them show up in films or paying tribute to their talents, and as the previous three installments of this event have proven, neither do you.

And so here I am with Day 1 of the 4th annual WHAT A CHARACTER! I know you can’t wait to read all the fabulous posts. Before you jump in though, we’d like to thank all the participants for their understanding as we re-scheduled the blogathon from last weekend due to world events. We really appreciate your patience.

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