About my banner images

For those who may be wondering what is up with my banners, how/why I choose particular actor(s), and why sometimes I have seemingly random combinations of people in them, it’s actually very simple. Except for the very first banner I had up when I started in January 2012, they have been all based on astrology.

When the sun enters a sign, I try to have a banner with a native of that sign ready. With life intervening, this doesn’t always happen, so not everyone gets an entire month as the banner star, and some get longer than that. Also, I alternate between classic and contemporary actors and male and female.

While I understand those who “don’t believe in that astrology nonsense,” Carl Jung was into it, and I’ve found it to be informative and helpful in my life. It also makes for some interesting insights into movies and the roles actors play. For instance, in March 2013, Robert Downey Jr. as the title character in Chaplin. Both Downey and Chaplin are/were Aries natives.


For May-June 2013, interestingly enough, all four of the pictured actors from Star Trek are Geminis. Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) is a Virgo, the sign also ruled by Mercury. This cast is legendary for getting along great on and off set.cropped-pcc-star-trek-gemini-june-2013.jpg

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that Vivien Leigh (b. November 5, 1913) would play the signature character in a novel by Margaret Mitchell (b. November 8, 1900). And maybe not a coincidence that November 2013 banner stars Martin Scorsese (b. November 17, 1942) and Leonardo diCaprio (b. November 11, 1974) work together so often and well.


Banner images

Year Month Sun Sign Star(s) DOB(s)
 2017  October  Scorpio  Burt Lancaster  Nov. 2, 1913
 2017  December  Sagittarius Julianne Moore
Jeff Bridges
Dec. 3, 1960
Dec. 4, 1949
 2018  January  Capricorn  Lew Ayres
Cary Grant
Dec. 28, 1909
Jan. 18, 1904
2018  February/March  Pisces Dame Elizabeth Taylor  Feb. 27, 1932
2022 August Leo Delores del Rio

Gene Raymond

Aug. 3, 1904

Aug. 13, 1908

2023 January Capricorn Cary Grant Jan 18, 1904

4 thoughts on “About my banner images

  1. Love your thoughts behind the banners and never knew Carl Jung was into astrology, very interesting!!! 🙂

    Hello btw, nice to meet you. Great blog, looking around now!

    1. Hi Emma, nice to meet you too! Jung was a very interesting guy 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words about the blog!

      1. Well the pleasure was all mine! Yeah I guess I don’t know too much about him but I always like that thing he wrote about synchronicity! My astology sign can be hard to determine as I’m right on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, usually I’m called a Sagittarius but sometimes I think I share more in common with a Capricorn! (I’m not sporty or outgoing lol)

        1. Those on the cusp usually have a mixture of the traits associated with the two signs. Also while the sun sign dominates, all the planets affect each of us. For instance, with me, I’m Taurus but I have four planets in Gemini so that sign is a big influence.

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