4th Annual WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon – Day 1 Posts

WE’RE BACK for number 4!

The WHAT A CHARACTER! Blogathon honors the players who rarely got leading parts, exhibiting instead a versatility and depth many leading actors wished they had. Aurora, Kellee, and I never tire of seeing them show up in films or paying tribute to their talents, and as the previous three installments of this event have proven, neither do you.

And so here I am with Day 1 of the 4th annual WHAT A CHARACTER! I know you can’t wait to read all the fabulous posts. Before you jump in though, we’d like to thank all the participants for their understanding as we re-scheduled the blogathon from last weekend due to world events. We really appreciate your patience.


Day 1 Postsalpha by subject | Day 2 Posts | Day 3 Posts

Aperture Reviews surveys the career of “uncredited but not forgotten” Whit Bissell.

Silver Scenes writes that main players could always find a well-bred ally in the charming Robert Coote.

Movie Movie Blog Blog details the extensive film and TV career of Ned Glass.

Classic Film and TV Cafe lists 7 things to know about Sydney Greenstreet.

Flickin’ Out pays tribute to “a truly unique talent,” Charlotte Greenwood.

More than a “comic gangster” – The Motion Pictures explores the diverse career of Allen Jenkins.

CineMaven is “a recent convert to the charms and brilliance that is Peter Lorre.”

Hometowns to Hollywood recounts the life of “Hollywood’s Best Friend,” Una Merkel.

Second Sight Cinema analyzes Dickie Moore‘s inspiring life and impressive legacy as both a child star and a survivor.

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest shares some thoughts on “one of the most charming actresses of any age,” Margaret O’Brien.

Joel’s Classic Film Passion honors “fair maiden of scream” and much more, Una O’Connor.

Just A Cineast profiles one of his favorite characters, John Qualen.

Portraits by Jenni chronicles the fascinating life of Sir C. Aubrey Smith, “star cricket athlete-turned acclaimed stage actor-turned movie character actor par excellence.”

BNoirDetour presents an appreciation of Helene Stanton (you’ll never guess which semi-celeb is her son).

Sister Celluloid reveals how Roland Young almost became Cosmo Topper in real life.


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