Jack Deth’s posts

It has been my pleasure to host several posts from movie maven Jack Deth, which are collected below:

15 December 2017 What A Character — Daniel Stern, Wise-Ass to the Stars

26 February 2016 31 Days of Oscar: The Films of 1987

22 February 2015 31 Days of Oscar: The 48th Academy Awards (1975)

16 November 2014 What A Character! 2014 – Chris Cooper

2 September 2014 – getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon: The Atomic Kid vs. Baby Face Nelson

9 February 2014 31 Days of Oscar: Costuming BARRY LYNDON (1975)

10 November 2013 What A Character — James Cromwell

31 January 2013 31 Days of Oscar: 1973 – A Very Good Year

24 September 2012 What A Character: Richard Jaeckel

24 May 2012 Future Classic Movies: BRINGING UP BABY, CASABLANCA & GOODFELLAS 

Also check out Jack’s posts at Ruth’s blog, Flix Chatter.

10 thoughts on “Jack Deth’s posts

  1. I would like to know if Jack Deth is the author of an amazing little poem posted under my cat’s photo on icanhascheezburger in 2007. Because if he is, I want to thank him.

    1. Welcome, Diane:

      That would be me. I’ve been writing poems and seventeen syllable Haikus, or “Ohai~kus” at icanhascheezburger, And a recent spin off site, “Cheezland.org”.

      I’m glad you and your cat enjoyed the poem!

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