Follow the 2015-16 Awards Season with my downloadable schedule

While speculation about possible Oscar nominations has been going on for months, the 2015-16 Awards Season officially kicked off this past Monday (Nov. 30) when the Gotham Awards for the best films and performances of 2015 were announced. Then yesterday, the National Board of Review chimed in with somewhat surprising trophies of their own.

As someone who loves movies, and has perhaps taken that love a little too far, I follow the industry’s proceedings with the same zeal as a fantasy league player going for a million dollar pool. This is the second year in a row that I’ve put together this schedule of important awards dates. Having done that, I figured why not gussy it up a bit and share it with the world. So here is my downloadable, printable, hyperlinked PDF. Some of the more important days are indicated with dark red and link to the relevant URL; the dates that awards are actually bestowed are in bolder type. That’s right, they’re clickable! If there’s a broken or incorrect link, of course let me know.

PCC_2015-16 Awards ScheduleThis schedule is not comprehensive…by that I mean, I haven’t included every award, set of awards, or awards show out there. Let’s be real, with the proliferation of recognition, and the many very worthy film festival prizes given out over the course of the past year, that list would run several pages. Only those awards that 1) occur from November on, and 2) have at least arguable significant influence on that Super Bowl of the film industry, the Academy Awards, made the cut. Thus the inclusion of the various guild and craft awards dates, as many of their members are also members of the Academy.

Compiling these dates and analyzing each set of awards’ possible Oscars influence based on info from various publications and guilds’ and societies’ web sites, not to mention adding the links, took a fair amount of time and effort, so feel free to use this schedule or pass it on, just please don’t remove the credit.  Thank you and enjoy!

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