31 Days of Oscar: Pictures and Directors

31-Days-2015-05Our Third Annual 31 Days of Oscars Blogathon wraps up today (Monday, Feb. 23) and tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 24) with Pictures and Directors. Another great week of fabulous posts, NEW ADDITIONS AT THE END OF THE LIST:

Girls Do Film – Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker

Jack Deth on Paula’s Cinema ClubThe 48th Academy Awards

Silver ScreeningsNorman Taurog for Boys Town

Outspoken and FreckledThe Imitation Game

Christy PutnamThe Story of G.I. Joe

The Fluff Is RagingTrois couleurs: Rouge (The Woman in Red)

Wolffian Classic Movie DigestGeorge Cukor and My Fair Lady

The Stop ButtonJohn Huston and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Nitrate DivaWings

CinephiledGentleman’s Agreement

Moon in GeminiDefending Shakespeare in Love‘s Best Picture win

Second Sight CinemaLeo McCarey won for the wrong movie!

Portraits by JenniThe Lost Weekend

Movie Fan FareMarty

The Movie RatActors who won as Best Director, not as Best Actor

Danny Reviews1986 Best Director Nominees

Lets Misbehave: A Tribute to Pre-Code HollywoodWilliam A. Wellman

The Wonderful World of CinemaThree-time Best Director winner William Wyler

Flickin’ OutStalag 17


Still to come:

Amy’s Rib: A Life of Film – Ordinary People


18 thoughts on “31 Days of Oscar: Pictures and Directors

    1. Thanks Lesley and Debra! I’m working tonight so will update the post and promote tomorrow. Looking forward to reading these 🙂

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