WHAT A CHARACTER! Monday posts

Happy Monday! It’s difficult to believe it’s already Day 3 of the WHAT A CHARACTER! blogathon.

The WAC blogathon, hosted by myself, Kellee of Outspoken and Freckled, and Aurora of Once Upon A Screen, is our tribute to those supporting players who manage to steal nearly every scene of the classic movie they’re in, but didn’t always get their due in terms of fame, money, or awards.

Although most never played leading roles, we look forward to their appearances — as the butler, the maid, the hotel manager, or the ever-loyal best friend — almost as much as those of the major stars, or in some cases, even more. Today’s posts honor the following lesser-known, but well-loved, thespians:

Richard Jaeckel in The Dirty DozenJack Deth

Walter Brennan & Mercedes McCambridge — 

Porter HallJoel

Virginia WeidlerNikki

Victor MooreKari

Ward BondTonya

Una MerkelKevyn

Lupe VelezWill

William DemarestSean

Victor JoryJacqueline

David LandauCliff

Thelma RitterAurora

Eve ArdenKellee


Also you might want to take a look at the previous days’ WHAT A CHARACTER! posts:

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6 thoughts on “WHAT A CHARACTER! Monday posts

  1. What a wonderful ride this has been! Can’t believe we have reached the final day of this amazing 3 day blogathon charact-a-palooza. Great job in hosting the final day and sending us out in style, Paula!

    1. Thanks Kellee! I think it worked out great, so many awesome posts about these really unsung actors. Hope everyone got some ideas for blogs to follow 🙂

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