31 Days of Oscar, Week 3: THE CRAFTS

bonnie-sketch-small-500wWe’re now just past the halfway point of both Turner Classic Movies channel’s Academy Awards tribute, 31 DAYS OF OSCAR, and the 31 DAYS OF OSCAR Blogathon, hosted annually by myself here at Paula’s Cinema Club, Kellee of Outspoken and Freckled, and Aurora at Once Upon A Screen.

31-Days-2016-02This week we salute the less renowned, but nonetheless essential, disciplines of movie-making…THE CRAFTS. Those who practice them are below the title in billing yet are decidedly indispensable to the overall effect of a film. Check out the fabulous Week 3 posts after the jump!

A film’s costume designer is responsible for setting the look and mood of each character through his/her clothing and accessories.

The composer of a film’s score ideally has a comprehensive understanding the atmosphere, story, and dramatic tension of a film and creates music that suits and enhances the finished product.

Cinematographers employ lighting, framing, angles and exposure in every shot of a film, working closely with the director and production designer to bring each image to life.

A screenwriter describes the film’s story in detail, including physical environments and the moods of the characters, while taking into account the director’s and producers’ ideas.

None of your favorite movies would be the same without these hard-working men and women. So without further ado…

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…and still to come, Week 4: THE MOVIES and THE DIRECTORS

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