Showtimes — Jan. 10-16

This is what we’re doing at Cinema Detroit this week.

Cinema Detroit


endoftime 400 tallThe End of Time (2013)
NR – 109 min. – Tickets $5
Partially filmed in Detroit and featuring a cameo by Richie Hawtin, The End of Time combines elements of documentary, essay, and experimental cinema to challenge our conception of time and space.

endoftime_directorWith stunning cinematography and a knack for capturing astonishing moments, the film travels the planet, exploring the links between renewal and destruction, between mysticism and modern science, giving the viewer a transcendent cinematic experience. Director Peter Mettler will be at Cinema Detroit for the 7:30 show on Saturday, January 11 only to introduce the film and answer questions afterwards. Due to dangerous driving conditions in the Toronto area, END OF TIME director Peter Mettler will not be joining usat Cinema Detroit tonight. We will be rescheduling his Q & A. Anyone attending the screening tonight will receive a rain check for the…

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