Announcing the What a Character! Blogathon 2013

No role is too small for the great actors who appear in the periphery of our beloved classic films.  For the second year in a row, we’re putting them front and center.  Hosted by Kellee (@IrishJayhawk66) of Outspoken & Freckled,  me (@Paula_Guthat) of this-here blog, and Aurora (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen…it’s the WHAT A CHARACTER! blogathon 2013!

This event was conceived from the phrase used by our beloved home of the classics, Turner Classic Movies, and it proved to be a smash hit with bloggers and readers alike last year.  The enthusiasm and appreciation for the great character actors overwhelmed us, so we’re back to lend praise to the many more we love or love to hate, those who make us laugh, or who cause us to simply smile in recognition.


  • Can you count how many scenes Walter Brennan stole from the likes of Duke Wayne or Humphrey Bogart?
  • Or the number stolen by Beulah Bondi as she portrayed lovable, meddling moms?
  • Would Gone with the Wind be as memorable without the talents of Hattie McDaniel or Harry Davenport?

To those and the many others whose work we admire we dedicate WHAT A CHARACTER!

If you’re interested in participating, and we certainly hope you are, please adhere to the following:

  •  Let one of the hosts know which character actor is your choice via email [mine is paula.guthat[at]] or blog comment [below].
  • Although we’re inclined to limit these to those considered “traditional” classic actors – or before 1970 just to choose a point of reference – if you have an actor in mind after that time, that’s fine.
  • Please include your twitter or FB tag, email address and blog name & URL.
  • If you do not have a blog, one will be provided for you. By that I mean, I will gladly publish your post for you. Leave me a comment or send me an email.
  • Publish the post for either November 9, 10 or 11.  Let us know if you have a date preference, otherwise we’ll split publicizing duties equally among the three days.
  • Please post the blogathon graphic on your blog to help us publicize the event.
  • Include the graphic and link to one of the host sites in your WHAT A CHARACTER! post.
  • If possible, please send any of the hosts the direct link to your WHAT A CHARACTER! post by the day before your due date. Otherwise we’ll link to your site’s home page.


HAVE FUN and spread the word!  There are many great characters worthy of attention.

A big thank you – HAPPY BLOGGING!

12 thoughts on “Announcing the What a Character! Blogathon 2013

  1. I hope I can take part in this Paula, but October is gonna be a super hectic month w/ TCFF and some traveling. I’ll see if I could come up with a classic film too otherwise it’ll be a contemporary character 😀

  2. Paula, I’d love to participate. I’m having an internal debate as to the subject but I’ll let you know the winner ASAP, cool? Thanks for doing this. Really fun!

  3. Hi, Paula:

    Another “What a Character” Blog-a-thon?

    I’d like to take a crack at James Cromwell. His television and filmography. With special attention to ‘L.A. Confidential’.

    The work would be sent directly to you as before.

    Let me know what you think!

    1. I think that’s fine. Technically I guess he mostly played leads but almost always true characters. Thanks Vanessa…happy to hear your dad is doing better 🙂

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