Announcing the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon

The envelope please…

The winners, the losers, the snubs, the back stories, the gossip, the players, the games…this time it’s all about Oscar!

We’re back! Myself, Kellee (@IrishJayhawk66) of Outspoken and Freckled, and Aurora (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen are hosting a new, mammoth blogathon event that coincides with Turner Classic Movies’ 31 Days of Oscar, February 1 to March 3, 2013. It’ll be a month filled with fabulous tales and screen wonders.

But this one is not just for classic film fare; we want to see and hear it all from the golden man’s more than eighty-year history, up to and including this year’s nominees. And you don’t have to stick to just Best Picture or acting winners. Posts about nominees or winners in all the other categories…Original Screenplay, Costume Design, Cinematography, etc….are more than welcome.

The details:

Let us know what you’ll be writing about by email [paula.guthat[at]] or leave us a comment.

Submit links to as many posts as you would like by email or by comments in time for any of the following due dates throughout the month. Submissions should include as much information about you as possible: First name, Twitter username, link(s) to your site(s) and email address.

January 31
February 7
February 14
February 21
February 28

We’ll promote entries for an entire week after each due date. If you have a preferred promotion date, please make a note of that as well.  However, we welcome all submissions by any of the dates specified. Don’t forget to include your Twitter handle if you have one.

This is the banner I created for the blogathon. We encourage you display it on your site to help promote this event and cannot wait to hear from you. Happy blogging!


UPDATE: I have so many ideas for this blogathon, far more than I could ever tackle myself, so I offer these as topics for posts or inspiration thereof:

  • Is there a film, performance or art or technical work the non-nomination of which you feel is a crime? Tell us about it.
  • Sometimes the Oscar seems to hinder, not help, someone’s career, including but not limited to the “Best Supporting Actress Curse.” Discuss.
  • Special Achievement Awards and Board of Governors’ Honorary Oscars…do you dare go there? Who should have gotten a competitive Oscar, and/or who might win in the future?
  • Spotlight on sound editing and sound mixing, or any other unfairly neglected award.
  • Your favorite/the most influential Best Costume winners/nominees/should-have-beens through the years, or just focus on one.
  • Short films are often given short shrift…throw some love on your favorite.
  • Cinematography and editing vs.directing…the auteur theory, etc. Discuss, using Oscar-winning examples.
  • The Oscars still create the most hoopla, but should we be paying more attention to other awards, such as the Golden Globes or (fill in the blank)?

That’s all for now…I will add more when I think of them.

41 thoughts on “Announcing the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon

  1. Oooh what a splendid idea! I don’t know what I’ll be writing about yet but I’ll let you know. It’s always fun to talk about Oscars even if you don’t agree with their picks 😀

    1. Thanks Ruth! Haha, so true, there are usually a few people who get left out every year. I think it could be cool (also a lot to work) if someone picked a year and re-did the nominees in a category. Just a thought.

  2. Hooray! This blogathon is like another Christmas gift to me! I loved the idea and my first issue will be the Oscars in the 1950 decade, a very surprising and controversial one.


    1. Sounds interesting, Lê…there’s always some controversies surrounding the Oscars, looking forward to your take on the 1950s. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Paula:

    Very intriguing idea for a Blog-A-Thon!

    I’d like to take a crack at Oscar Nominees and Winners of 1973. Lots of excellent talent on display to write about, illuminate, opine and eviscerate.

    Let me know what you think. I’d forward the post to you in the usual manner.


    1. Sounds great, Jack! A quick look at IMDB shows that there was quite the variety that year…BADLANDS, THE EXORCIST, THE STING, THE WAY WE WERE, and many more…looking forward to reading your post 🙂

      1. Hi, Paula:

        Just a heads up.

        I sent my Blog-A-Thon post “Oscars 1973: A Very Good Year” out to you a short while ago. 9:05am. Sunday, Jan. 06. 2013.

  4. Hi. First time I’m on this site. I can’t wait to participate in this blogathon. I love the

    Oscars and everything that comes with it and always have so many thoughts on them and the past Oscars but never had anyone to talk to about it cuz nobody else I know really cares about this stuff. It’ll be fun to actually converse and share thoughts with people who have such strong feelings about the Oscar season as I do. Thanks to you guys for putting this together. This is gonna be great!!!

  5. This sounds like a great blogathan and I would love to participate. I love the Oscars (possibly too much) and can’t wait to read everyones thoughts.

  6. I apologize to all of you for the issues occurring with the comments on this blog. Everything is set correctly but WordPress is STILL putting all comments into Spam, including my own. I’ve submitted a ticket but I’m not holding my breath.

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