Really great DGA interview with Christopher Nolan

On Friday, April 13, Entertainment Weekly released some interesting new photos from The Dark Knight Rises to an eager public (OK, some of us are eager). The most interesting one shows Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (I’ve read she is never referred to as Catwoman…odd, don’t you think?). It looks as if she’s broken into a safe that turned out to be empty. Also my friend @TrueMiracle85 tweeted this really fabulous Directors Guild of America interview with Christopher Nolan. As you might expect, Nolan gives lots of details about everything but TDKR — his early influences, what he’s learned from actors, why he prefers film over digital, and why he gets so dressed up on set. Of course, I wasn’t really expecting any spoilers, but I do have even more respect for Nolan since I read in the article that he only storyboards action sequences…yeah, he keeps track of all the plot twists and parallel threads in his head. So, what are you waiting for…?

Anne Hathaway is the mysterious Selina Kyle

6 thoughts on “Really great DGA interview with Christopher Nolan

  1. The DGA interview with Nolan is such a great read. Even I, who consider myself a Nolan fan learned more about his craft. Definitely one of the most interesting directors of his generation. Thanks for this blog post Paula. 😉

    1. You’re welcome & thanks for tweeting & stopping by, Javier. I thought they got into way more specifics than the usual interviews where they try to get him to reveal the details of the upcoming project…which he’ll never do 😉

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