TCM Tonight: Brute Force '47

Just wanted to spotlight a great and very thorough review of the film noir Brute Force (1947) by my friend Kevin, a.k.a. Jack Deth. Directed by noir legend Jules Dassin, Burt Lancaster stars as Joe Collins, an unruly prisoner in an overcrowded penitentiary, who constantly clashes with the brutal, tyrannical guards and warden.

Gritty prison life in Brute Force (1947)

When he and his pals are assigned to drain pipe duty, they work out a scheme to escape that is very likely doomed from the beginning. Or is it? Find out tonight at 10:00 EST on TCM.

2 thoughts on “TCM Tonight: Brute Force '47

    1. You’re welcome! I like the structure of his reviews. Yeah no cable makes it difficult. Then again, if I didn’t have cable, my life would be simpler 😉 I can’t remember if you have Netflix or not, I know they have it, but not streaming online.

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