Belated but sincere Cary Grant birthday post

Due to the SOPA blackout, I am a day late with my Cary Grant birthday post, but I am no less sincere. Writer’s block is troubling me for the second time in two weeks as I try to be original about how handsome, charming, and debonair he was, both in his movies and apparently in real life. As Audrey Hepburn said to him in Charade: “Do you know what’s wrong with you? NOTHING.” OK, that was dialogue between their characters…but still. And though at least some of the time American acting is about playing oneself, I also think Grant was a great actor. I’m thinking of Roger O. Thornhill’s disorientation and distress in North by Northwest, Johnny Aysgarth’s furtive shadiness in Suspicion, and John Robie’s desperation in To Catch A Thief.

My favorite Cary Grant moment, right at this moment, is his entrance in Indiscreet. He’s just there suddenly when Anna (Ingrid Bergman) turns around and she reacts pretty much as I would expect. The clip is here, he apparates in (yes, I do mean apparate) around the 7:55 mark.

I think probably the best tribute ever to Cary Grant has been done, by Michael Caine, courtesy of TCM:

So what’s your favorite Cary Grant movie, scene, or line? Leave a comment!

21 thoughts on “Belated but sincere Cary Grant birthday post

  1. Woo hoo!! Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Grant! I actually put a photo of Cary on my tumblr yesterday as a small tribute. I’ll check out Indiscreet as I also love miss Ingrid. Nice tribute, Paula!

    1. Thanks Ruth! I’ve got to get myself a tumblr…i’m missing all the good stuff. Cary and Ingrid really were good together, another great one they were in together is Notorious. You might want to check that one out too if you get a chance 🙂

      1. I adore anything with Cary in it. I loved him in anything HItchcock or what’s the one with Deborah Kerr? Mr Blandings, Arsenic and Old Lace, Gunga Din, Bringing Up Baby……etc. The list is endless!

        1. I know, basically I DVR all of them every time, even the ones I own…he’s always watchable in every thing. Thanks for stopping by Val 🙂

      2. You should get a tumblr!! Then we can reblog each other 😀 I’m having so much fun w/ my Gregory tumblr, but it’s also dangerous as it just feeds into my GP obsession 😉 Oh yeah Notorious is another Grant movie I’ve been meaning to see, which one should I see first??

        1. Yes I know I keep saying I’m going to, I need to think of a good name I guess. Any Cary Grant movie is good…but I’d say Philadelphia Story or My Favorite Wife maybe of the earlier ones and To Catch A Thief from later. It’s a start anyway! Thanks again Ruth 🙂

  2. North By Northwest is by far my favorite Cary Grant movie, but right behind it is The Talk Of The Town, a movie he made with Ronald Coleman and Jean Arthur. Grant’s role in that movie is the antithesis of how we remember him today. Not the suave, polished lady’s man, his character is a precursor of the beat and hippie generations, a free-thinker and man of conviction, but also very funny. The movie is an absolute delight!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Talk of the Town, it sounds awesome…I have Holiday on the DVR, where he’s kind of a free-thinker who’s engaged to Katharine Hepburn’s sister. i will have to find that ASAP…thanks for commenting Bernie 🙂

    1. Those are all great. One of the cinemas here is showing Charade, I’m really looking forward to that. North by Northwest & Notorious I’ve probably watched 10 times each…I watch them whenever they’re on. It’s hard to imagine that Selznick wanted Joseph Cotten for Notorious…he’s a good actor but of course, I just can’t see it. Thanks for stopping by, Kim!

  3. A great tribute Paula! I really liked Michael Caine’s commentary.

    Some of my faves of Grant: Arsenic and Old Lace, His Girl Friday, and Bringing Up Baby! I still have yet to see Charade and Indiscreet.

  4. Me too T, Caine did a way better job than I ever could. I like all of those you mentioned. Of course I highly recommend Charade and Indiscreet. Bringing Up Baby is another one of those that I will stop and watch no matter what. My mom used to say I could play all the parts, including that of Baby LOL thanks for your comment T 🙂

        1. yes, people can still comment and you’ll get an email if you’re subscribed. do you want me to unsubscribe you from the comments? I think I can do that.

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